Apartment Movers

Whenever you are moving to or from an apartment, there can always be obstacles (and lots of stairs!) along the way. Our professional movers are here to help!
Apartment Movers

Our Apartment Moving Process

Once we get the opportunity to get a few questions answered we’ll provide an estimate and confirm a booking with you online, over the phone, or through email. We will be in contact a few times leading up to your move including an email alerting you of the exact movers that will show up on move day.
1. Move Day

On move day, we arrive with a clean 26 foot moving truck fully stocked with everything you need for a successful move. After conducting a quick walkthrough of your apartment, we will get the contract signed and begin prepping your apartment for the move.

2. Our Apartment Preparation

Prepping the apartment consists of protecting the entryway with pads and specialty door protections as well as covering the entryway floors with a rug runner or pad (where applicable). Leasing offices love us because we take such good care of their buildings!

3. Protection & Packing

Once your apartment is prepped, we work on protecting the furniture with shrink wrap, bands, and quilted moving pads. Your items will be safe and sound during transit!

Our movers come fully equipped with tool bags and will begin disassembling any furniture that needs to be taken apart in order to be moved safely (like beds, tabletops, etc.). Everything that is disassembled will be reassembled at the other location. We can even help transport all your appliances if you have them.

4. Final Walk-Through

At the destination, we will make sure everything is exactly where you want it before conducting a final walkthrough and closing everything out.

5. Completing Your Move

Once the contract is closed, we let you know the final move total based on the total hours we worked (or the minimum) and you can pay with whatever payment you prefer. We accept cash, checks, and credit cards.

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Valuable Tips for A Worry Free Apartment Move in Memphis or Nashville.

Communicate with Landlords

Ensure that you have keys to your new apartment before moving day. Ask your new and existing landlord about moving truck access. Work with them on how to get our trucks as close to your apartment as possible.

Review Your Lease

Before you schedule your apartment move, take a few minutes to review any lease agreements. Ask your landlord for any move-in or move-out guidelines to make sure you don’t miss any to-dos.

Do A Walk-Through

Before move day, walk through your apartment to assess the condition, any damages, etc. Be sure to take care of any items required by your lease. Then, schedule a final walkthrough with your landlord.

Insure Your New Apartment

Renters insurance is very very affordable. So, if you don't have coverage, be sure you get a policy before you move. If you do, don’t forget to change or update your renter’s insurance for your new place.

Get Utilities Set Up

Be sure you set up utilities before you move. If possible, try to set these up a couple of weeks before your actual move. There’s nothing worse than having no water or power the first night in your new apartment.

Elevator Access

If your apartment has an elevator or freight elevator, talk with your landlord about having access to use it during your move. Most apartment buildings have a freight elevator for moving, but you often have to reserve it!

Keep Garbage Bags on hand

Keep a box of large and durable garbage bags on hand during your move. Your old garbage won’t be around and those final walkthroughs or lunch breaks will need to be cleaned up.

Pack An Overnight Bag

If you're packing yourself, be sure you mark boxes with what you need immediately in your new apartment. In addition, pack an overnight bag for about 2 days so you have clothes and toiletries for your first two nights.

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